Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Persistence and Consistence

'the average normal people will live in this life for 28,470 days in which not all of these single days will be properly stored and remembered.' - Dr Phil Mc Graw

There are two (2) words which will keep the momentum move and the job done which are persistence and consistence. A day will consistently change and persistently move without any disruption or hiccup. There are no barriers to segregate and no traffic controller to control the movement except it will keep changing and moving. Dr. Phil McGraw mentioned in his book titled 'Real Life' that the average normal people will live in this life for 28,470 days in which not all of these single days will be properly stored and remembered. Many of them will go freely and a few of them will become bold and remembered in details for example the day of marriage, the day of getting new kids and the day of totally out of business. People will not argue to hold the good days for months or years and to expedite the vice versa. The key point of this scenario is the day will consistently move and persistently change from one episode to the other episode.

It consists of networking, bargaining, hiring, firing, chasing and many more. These movements are known as interaction and transaction which need to be handled in a proper business ways and methods. It is not much different from the character of a human being which can be detected from its activeness. The current activeness of the business is an indicator of its future prospect.

There is a condition when a business to enter into any prestigious mall in which the operation must be operated daily. By hooked or by crooked, the shops need to open concurrent to the opening of the mall to the public. Any holiday or technical errors which require the company to close the operation need to get the prior approval from the management. Fail to do so will be incurred certain charges by the mall in order to ensure the standardization. The concept of standardization implemented by the proper management is to ensure the consistency in which to fulfil the expectation of the general customers. In this modern era, the customers are too busy with their own business and this will limit the time availability for casual and hang up. Every second is precious and pricy to let it go without do anything. Therefore, the consistency of operating the business within the promise timing will give some mode of loyalty and confidence to the customers. In term of general reputation, the company looks dying and not so strong if it fails to operate according to its own procedure. 

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